About Hub City Iron Works

Hub City Iron Works™ began as a small machine shop and fabrication facility in Lafayette, Louisiana, the Hub City, in the early 1960’s. Shortly after, the company began producing the product it has become renowned for, Pipe Cleaning Machines. These robust, workhorses of the pipe yard equipment industry have proven themselves over the course of several decades and have achieved a level of quality and reliability that is second to none. Through the years, Hub City has added numerous other products to its line, including Lathe Refacing Machines, Hydrostatic Testing Units, Transfer Conveyor, Thread Protector Cleaners and many other products focused on enhancing efficiency in pipe yards. Today, Hub City Iron Works™ is recognized as the world leader in this equipment line and continues to invest in developing better products and improving its existing product line. With a full staff of engineers, experienced service and assembly personnel, Hub City can handle a variety of custom projects to suit the needs of most any operator.

In 2016, in an effort to more effectively serve its expansive customer base, Hub City Iron Works™ partnered with MIE Supply, who functions as the exclusive distributor for all Hub City Iron Works™ OEM parts. These spare parts are available from any of the Hub City Iron Works™ locations throughout Texas and North Dakota.



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