Hub City Iron Works (HCIW) offers a variety of highly customizable Pipe Yard Equipment. For decades, Hub City has been known for its Pipe Cleaning Machines. Throughout the pipe yards of North America, these machines are often referred to as a " Hub City". Although Pipe Cleaning Machines are what Hub City is primarily known for, its product offerings are extensive. Simply put, if there is a need for a piece of equipment in a pipe facility, Hub City has a solution!

Hub City's signature products. The workhorses of pipe yards nationwide. Rugged, reliable and effective.

Whether you need assistance with conveying, securing or queuing pipe, Hub City can provide turn-key automated solutions for your organization.

Eliminate the slow and intensive manual process of testing. Our test equipment vastly improves productivity and accurately keeps records of every test.

If your pipe string needs Refacing, Straightening or Hardbanding, we've got you covered.

Primarily used for Thread Protector Cleaning, our Vibratory Parts Cleaners can be used to efficiently clean most any parts through a solvent based vibratory process.

Our team has decades of experience designing, manufacturing & maintaining equipment which operates in harsh oilfield environments. Small are large projects HCIW can help.

HCIW provides blasting and powder coat for both industrial and consumer products. Our robust process delivers an excellent consistent product which has an excellent track record of holding up in harsh environments.