Custom Fabrication & Powder Coat

Our team has decades of experience designing, manufacturing & maintaining equipment which operates in harsh oilfield environments. By partnering with HCIW, we can bring these same attributes to your industrial project.

HCIW blast and powder coat is suitable for everything from heavy industrial applications up to consumer products. Our robust process delivers an excellent consistent product which has an excellent track record of holding up in harsh environments.

​We design and fabricate machinery with a useful service life measured in the decades. When trouble free service and longevity are your goals, HCIW has the tools to get you there.

Blast Booth and Powder Coat

Blast Booth and Powder Coat

HCIW regularly designs & fabricates industrial equipment over 45 feet in length. We are can accommodate items up to 9ft × 22ft in both our blast booth & powder coat oven.

​Our oven can easily handle large quantities of small parts due to our track/rail loading & unloading equipment. We can fabricate custom jigs to handle large quantities of small items with ease. This can result in very low unit costs for high volume items while still achieving an excellent long lasting finish.